Fetish Pony

Show - Kneeling gracefully, one leg extended forward.
Passage - Specific name for the parade trot.
Piaffe - High step trot in place.
Bow - There are several ways to command a pony to bow. I have three of these listed below. The pony should remain with its head up for all of these.
  1. Tap the pony's shoulder to go down on one knee (or nearly, as in a deep curtsy), and again to come back up. You can also use a "release" command instead of the second tap.
  2. With the use of a crop (or hand), trace a path from the pony's breast bone to their chin. With the hand/crop on the pony's chin, lower it straight down to desired height of the bow (remember: know your pony's limits!!!). The pony should know to keep his/her chin on the crop/hand until released.
  3. Also known as the salute, when beginning or finishing a dressage circuit, the salute should be performed for the judges. It is a light version of the bow, the Owner/Trainer pulling down lightly on the reins, signaling the pony to step back with one leg and bend the front knee (similar to a woman's curtsy, but without crossing the legs/ankles). The Owner/Trainer should perform some type of shallow bow or other acknowledgement to the judges.
Half Pass / Tracking - Moving diagonally (forward and to the side) by crossing the legs one over the other
Side Pass - Moving left or right by crossing the legs one over the other
Stand - Halt your pony and command "Stand", letting the reins or lead rope fall to the ground. This command is similar to 'ground tying' a real horse.
Volte - A small circle around the Owner/Trainer who is standing as a pivot point. This is very similar to a lunge circle.
Serpentine - A figure S shape. The Owner/Trainer must move quickly to be the pivot points for the two half circles.
Figure 8 - Two serpentine shaped forming two complete circles next to each other.
Mark Time - This should be simple for anyone ever in a marching band. Ponies lift their feet an inch or so off the ground at a walking pace, but staying at a standstill. Again, similar to a stationary marching band or soldier. Moving between a mark time and walk should be smooth and easy for a pony.