Fetish Pony

Hooves-R-Us -- Hand hoof tutorial

Make Your Own Pony Hooves -- Instructions from Boots the Ponyboy

Punitive Shoes -- Fetish-y pony hooves (I own a pair of the "Rancho" style - not recommended for anything but standing and looking pretty)

Reactor Rubberwear -- formerly known as Kaiser Hooves, now out of business


WaterHole Custom Leather

Fantasy Leather -- with the "House of Gord" harnesses

S-Art -- from hooves to harnesses to sulkies!!

ProDeviant -- art and leatherwork for ponies and more - all of my tack (except boots) is from ProDeviant, though not sure if he's actually producing anymore


PrettyPervy -- awesome rubber harness and mohawk bridle

General Fetish Shopping (including tack)

JT's Stockroom

Extreme Restraints

Marquis Fetish Store

Fetish Factory -- do a search for "pony"...even have rubber hand-hooves

Ponyplay Websites (NOT a complete list)
Sir Jeff's Ponygirls -- My personal favorite! Tons of pictures and stories...all free
CPony -- awesome ponyplay info site, similar to FetishPony but goes into more detail and has some tack reviews
House of Gord -- excellent material...Paysite
Gay Male Pony Training
MyPonyGirl.com -- Paysite
PonyGirlMaster.com -- Paysite
caryl's page -- lots of other links
Human Pony Tumblr

Other Ponies
Trigger - The Human Equine
Danny The Wonder Pony
Pupett -- Some good free info, mostly paysite

Pony Play Clubs / Organizations
The Stampede -- San Francisco Bay Area
The Other Pony Club -- UK
Renegades -- New York based PonyBoy site
TEC @ TES -- The Equestrian Club - New York City
Rochester Kink Society -- Rochester, New York

Equus Eroticus -- Pony Play Magazine