Fetish Pony

Welcome to FetishPony
About 8 years ago now I created this site as a sort of "Ponyplay: 101" to be the resource I wish had been available to me when I first started to get into ponyplay. There are now a LOT more websites out there with more information and are updated on a regular basis. Not many are listed on the links page (yet), but most are not hard to find.
I know many of you figured I have dropped off the face of the world, and in some respects I have. I'm not really very active in the BDSM or pony community anymore, though I do still try to keep my hand in once a year or so. I will continue to keep this site running for as long as I possibly can (hopefully forever!) but updates will be rare. I will try to fix links as I am notified.

UPDATE! Please bear with me as I am in the process of changing webhosting services! I will also slowly be attempting to give FP a much needed facelift and all around content update!

Also please note that "Ponygirl Cymbra" is dead. In her place, the submissive 'suede' has emerged. Cymbra was a name I had from a very bad time in my life, and is being abandoned.